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Shop | Eat | Support | Local!

Now more than ever local businesses need your support.

We have all gone through extremely challenging times which we never in a million years expected. Local businesses have been hit particularly hard with having to close for months or work on reduced hours. Now as more businesses start to open back up, they really need your continued support.

Businesses have been working hard to be able to open safely for you and their staff, please help them to find their feet in the ‘new normal’ by being kind and patient with these new changes, they are there for your, your families, your friends and the staff members protection.

By shopping local now and forever YOU are:

  • Helping to keep local people employed
  • Boosting your local community and economy
  • Celebrating your town centre
  • Supporting someone’s dream

By supporting local businesses now, you are helping to secure your town centre for future generations. With each generation the town centre changes and evolves with the times, but amazing local businesses will always be at the heart.


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Craft Auction Helps to Support Local Care Workers

Craft Auction Helps to Support Local Care Workers

Skye MacKenzie, the owner of IMAGINE on Lossie Wynd Elgin was the inspiration behind a project to sew facemasks for Care Workers. Desperate to use her creative skills to do something positive, Skye contacted Elgin BID to see if they could help coordinate the project.

Together they sought support from sewers who came forward to use their skills, with Skye creating a template and instructions and Elgin BID liaising with Care Homes.

Skye said “like other businesses we have been forced to close the shop and wanted to try and use our time positively. The products we sell come from a range of artisan craft workers, so it seemed like a great idea to tap into those skills. Many of the crafters I work with came forward and offered to help, so, having researched and experimented I found a simple design that could be produced in the home. I made contact with a local care home to see if they might be interested and knew there was a demand so I contacted Gill & Tina at Elgin BID to see if they could help pull everything together and here we are.”

The project offers a practical way for the public to come forward and do something positive. Care workers leave their place of work at the end of a shift, returning later to carry on with the amazing work they do, but being outside and meeting others runs a risk, the aim is that these masks help to offer a level of protection.

To fund the purchase of the materials needed, Skye again reached out to the crafters and artists and they rose to the challenge, many including Skye, have donated beautiful handcrafted pieces that will be auctioned on the Elgin BID Facebook page. The Auction will start at 12.00 noon on Friday 22nd May and close at 12.00 noon on Wednesday 27th May. All proceeds will be used to cover the costs of production, if there is any money left this will be donated to Moray Food Plus.

There are several auction items including an original oil on canvas painting by Lesley Boyd, a mounted panoramic photo by Peter Harvey/Speyside Images, a 6 oz leather and stainless steel hip flask, 2 x19″ tall unicorn dolls created by Skye with accessories by Lesley Boyd, a hand crafted bear, scarfs and Pyrography artwork by Skye.

Elgin BID and IMAGINE would like to take this opportunity to ask our readers to look on the Facebook page and join in the bidding.

For those who do not want to bid, there is also a Just Giving page where people can leave donations. The project offers everyone the chance to act and help their local care workers.

Gill Neill Chief Executive of Elgin BID said, “while the masks we were able to make are not PPE, the homes were keen to have them for their staff when they finish their shift, helping them to return to work safely. We have been able to provide masks for more than 300 care workers across 5 homes. I cannot thank Skye enough for asking us to get involved in this project, we all want to do something practical to help and it’s been lovely to see people come forward to give us their time so freely.

At Elgin BID we have been working hard to keep our business members updated on developments over the last couple of months and are delighted to have helped many access the funding that has been made available, we know that our direct intervention has now led to more than £290,000 being distributed in the city.

Our new Coronavirus page on the web site is open for everyone in the Region. There is information on it for both businesses and individuals so please feel free to have a look. If ever there was a time to work together and help each other out this is it.”

COVID-19 has changed the world, the way people work, eat, shop and play, it has had a particularly tough effect on the business community. Where possible people have found alternative ways to carry out their roles, but for some that just has not been possible. The coming months will continue to be hard as new rules, regulations and social distancing measures have to be followed. As things return to normal, we hope that people will support their local businesses, use local services and shop local where ever possible.


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The Perfect Christmas Present- The Elgin Gift Card!

The Perfect Christmas Present- The Elgin Gift Card!

Have you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gift that would be perfect for everyone?” Well here it is- The Elgin Gift Card!! No more having to wonder what to get your cousin’s husband for Christmas, no more stressing over for what you can get your new work colleague for Secret Santa and it’s the perfect gift for those who say they want nothing for Christmas!

Unlike conventional Gift Cards that are used in one location, the Elgin Town Centre Gift Card can be used in any one of our 90 registered businesses, with the number rising steadily.  With such a number of businesses accepting the Gift Card the choice is endless, from:

  • Haircuts to holidays
  • Clothes to cocktails
  • Make up to massage

The choice is huge!

One of the many great things about the Elgin Gift Card is that the recipient doesn’t have to spend it all at once in one place. They can spend money on a new outfit and then a couple of weeks later use the same card to buy a coffee.

Elgin Gift Cards can be bought instore from:

  • Gordon & MacPhail (South Street)
  • Sugar Plum (Batchen Street)

You can also buy Elgin Gift Cards online at When buying online you can either have your order delivered to you or to who you are gifting the gift card to.

The Elgin Gift Card is not only the perfect Christmas Present, but it also makes a wonderful gift for birthdays, leaving presents, wedding or anniversary presents and just to say, “Thank You”.

The value on an Elgin Gift Card can be from £10 right up to £200! The Elgin Gift Card is also the perfect gift for employees, if you would be interested in buying gift cards for your staff members give the office a call on 01343 550652 and we will sort everything out for you.

The Elgin Gift Card is a wonderful gift to give because not only are you giving them a great way to treat themselves, but you are also supporting the local businesses in your area. By giving an Elgin Gift Card you are keeping money in the local businesses boosting the local economy- isn’t that a great feeling to have?

Extra Information about the Elgin Gift Card

  • The Elgin Gift Card is a single use card and cannot be topped up with more money.
  • The balance on the Gift Card will expire 12 months after the date of purchase.
Thanks for reading!


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Elgin BID Renewal Ballot Result

Elgin BID successful in securing a third, five year term

The Board of City of Elgin BID Ltd were delighted to be given a mandate by businesses in Elgin City Centre for another five-year operational term.

The result was announced, in line with Scottish Government regulations at 5.30pm on Thursday 28th November in the Gallery Room at Elgin Library by a representative from the Moray Council.

The announcement ends a yearlong engagement campaign and six-week period during which businesses in Elgin City Centre voted on whether to retain or disband the BID Company.

This is the third time that Elgin BID have asked the businesses within the City to back the company and work with them to drive forward promotions, activities and projects.

The ballot results were;

Yes votes 72.82% (56.48% in 2014) an increase of 16.34%

Ratable Value of those who voted 73.76% (66.53% in 2014) so an increase of 7.23%.

Richard Cumming, Chair of Elgin BID said: “We are delighted that the businesses have decided to back another 5 years of Elgin BID. The employees, Board and Working Group members all work hard to ensure we are delivering for our business members, their customers and our community, so this is wonderful news.

“The current pressures on our local authority have seen them make very difficult decisions, which massively impact on our businesses and community. Elgin BID on behalf of their members have really had to step up and take on some of these burdens while continuing with the daily work of making Elgin a great and welcoming destination.

“Having gone through this democratic process for the third time it is wonderful we can carry out the wishes of our members, embrace challenges and work together for the next five years – all the while showcasing what we have to offer.

“We were one of the first BID districts in Scotland – so the fact we are now looking forward to Phase three is something we should all be proud of and support.”

The last 10 years has seen the introduction of a wide range of initiatives, projects and activities including an exciting events calendar, additional street cleaning services, the seagull reduction project and development of a suite of marketing materials including the Business Map, Food and Drink Guide, Social Media promotions and digital marketing screens.  Other activities have included the shop frontage improvement scheme, which offered grants to businesses who wished to invest in their properties and our involvement and collaboration was critical in securing funding for the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme, which led to millions of pounds of investment.

Gill Neil, Chief Executive of Elgin BID said, “thank you to all the businesses who took the time to send off their ballot papers, we really understand how busy you are and appreciate your time.  You have our word that we will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf and look forward to the exciting developments that the next five years will bring.

We are thrilled by the results and the increase in the the number of those who voted yes, we are looking forward to the next five years.

I genuinely believe that together we will be able to achieve far more than working alone.  The legal process of going to ballot is complicated and I would personally like to take this chance to thank everyone for their lovely messages and shows of support, they meant the world”.

The 2020 – 2025 business plan was developed following extensive consultation with the Business members and lays out the plans for the the next 5 years, it can be found on the Elgin BID website.


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Elgin BID Business Awards 2019

Elgin BID Business Awards 2019

On Wednesday 2nd October we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Annual Business Awards Ceremony.  The Business Awards are all about celebrating the local businesses and their staff who provide great service. It really means a lot to the businesses to receive nominations in the awards as it shows them how much their customers appreciate the work they do.

The Business Awards were launched on the 9th August in partnership with the Northern Scot. In the first five days we had

 over 1000 votes! By the time the voting closed on the 9th  September there had been thousands of votes cast for 231 businesses and individuals. We have to count each and every vote in all categories, which takes a while, but it’s heart-warming to see the volume of  support for the local businesses. This year we had more votes than ever before with over  3500 votes being cast.

Our Awards are a little different from many other business awards as it is the public who nominate and vote for the businesses.

There were 10 categories in the awards

    • Retail
    • Finance, Printing, Professional and Service Sectors (Local Businesses)
    • Finance, Banking (National Chains)
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Hair, Beauty, Fitness, Dental & Health Care
    • Charity, Community, Church Groups, Education, Support Groups and Clubs
    • David Urquhart New Business Award
    • Long Established Business Award
    • Ian Widdowson Individual Customer Service Award
    • Elgin Community Champion (new for 2019)

Over 90 people attended the AGM and Awards Ceremony to hear about the work BID has been doing and our plans for the next five years should we be successful in our upcoming renewal ballot. Between the AGM and Awards Ceremony, we had a networking session where the businesses had a chance to have a chat with the Board of Directors and their business neighbours. Many enjoyed a glass of wine kindly donated by Gordon & MacPhail and delicious canapes that were prepared by the Moray College Catering students-  the macarons were back and again were definitely the favourite of the night!

The winners and finalists for the awards were:


BID Awards results

One of the best part of the awards is reading a selection of the wonderful nominations for the Individual customer service award. An independent panel of judges shortlist the top three nominations and its then up to the public to make the final decision.

This year’s winner was Gordon Cruickshank from Hair & Body Mechanics. Gordon’s hard working customer service really shined through for the judges with this nomination.

“I have Parkinson’s Disease and have very bad mobility problems. Gordon has gone over and above the maxim for good customer service. He has ordered wheelchair ramps to accommodate my visits and on occasion has actually wheeled me to the top of the lane to wait for my taxi and has even waited with me he’s kind helpful and doesn’t make  me feel as if I’m any different from his other customers. Nothing is too much trouble for Gordon, and he seems to be one step ahead  of any customers needs and immediately responds to their needs in a positive and helpful way. His knowledge of products and styles and especially colouring technique is excellent and very impressive. He always has a cheerful smile and makes sure  his team are fully aware of customer’s needs. His saloon has a very welcoming and positive ambience when you enter you are always immediately acknowledge And made to feel welcome He always cheers me up and I choose him as my candidate for this award as his customer awareness and service is par excellent.”

Congratulations Gordon you deserve it!

Kathleen Shanks from the Little Lunchbox and Brandon Grant from IT Central were this year’s runners up.

Kathleen Shanks- “Kathleen provided free sandwiches to the men doing the charity challenge Ben Rinnes Twenty 19, She sat around for about an hour waiting for them to descend so she could personally hand over the food.  She also frequently provides sandwiches and cakes for celebrations at Elgin parkrun for no charge. She is always so happy and willing to help, and she helps out with so many charity events, going over and above what many do by providing extra food and also attending the events themselves.”

Brandon Grant “I had asked if they had a specific component I stock, they didn’t, and I needed it urgently to edit some video for my son’s school. They let me borrow their very high end expensive PC for a night to let me do it, I was blown away!”

It’s great to see people taking time out of their day to nominate someone that really made a difference and made them feel special. We received over 120 nominations this year, here are some of the comments.

Anne McLeod, Beaver Travel–  “Anne cares about her customers and will do her utmost to help whoever she can. She welcomes all ages and will go out of her way accommodate large/small groups. Allergies/intolerances and even out with cafe opening hours if she can.”

Calum Sinclair, St Giles Shopping Centre- “Calum is always happy to help people and has a good general knowledge of Elgin to get you where you want to go, always recommends local independent shops and food places. Will take time out of his day to make sure your enjoying yours!!!”

Kerrie Wright, Highland Baked Potato- “This individual goes above and beyond with aspects of customers service and management. She’s extremely thoughtful, mindful and always ensure our customers whether face to face over the phone or email are spoken to in a kind, meaningful manner. She has established a fond and kind customer base within the shop and known as the “tattie lady”. Her manner is always welcoming.  She really has exceptional customer services.”

Claire Petrie, Sugar Plum- “Claire has created a fabulous changing and feeding room within her shop to help new mums shop in the town, she has opened this to all that need it – not just her customers!  She always has a smile and friendly chat whenever I go in and is open to ideas for stock items parents need.”

The Elgin Community Champion Award was a new category for 2019. It celebrates those that go above and beyond to help out in the community and for their town centre. We had over 50 nominations for people that are at the heart of the community.

This year’s winner was Euna Russel who has been volunteering for Barnardo’s for over 30 years!

“Over 30 years of volunteering for Barnardo’s, 5 days a week come wind, rain or shine. She supports the whole team from manager through to youngest volunteer. She is an inspiration to everyone, a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of strength and a source of information and advice. I can’t stress just how much she has done through her volunteering and to commit to 5 days a week, every single week is just outstanding.”

Lindsay Welsh from Moray Food Plus and Steve Christie from Elgin Community Council and SPICE Group were this year’s runners up.

Lindsay Welsh- “Lindsay has been instrumental in ensuring those in need are provided with basic food items, toiletries and sanitary products with as much dignity and respect as possible. There are food larders in a large number of services where individuals and families can access the items in a way that reduces any embarrassment that may be felt. Through her work at Food Plus, and frequently within her own time,  Lindsay and others have rolled out cooking programmes, allotments and social activities that are accessible to all. I find this very heart-warming and a shining example of communities coming together to help others”.

Steve Christie- “He devotes his time to tackle Elgin’s litter problem.” “He keeps Elgin beautiful by arranging litter picks, giving up his own time. Steve is an amazing guy, he is always on hand when help is needed – the saying when you need something done ask a busy person describes Steve to a key.  He is a wonderful kind person always on hand to help out”

The Business Awards are one of our favourite times of the year because it is truly wonderful to see that people still want to say thanks to the great businesses and their staff that Elgin has. With over 14,000 votes since the start of the awards it shows how much local people really care about the local businesses.

BID Winners picture

Thanks for reading!


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August’s Trio of Events!

August's Trio of Events!

August is a month full of events! We have (for the first time!) our Classic Car Show on the 3rd August, the Food & Drink Festival on the 10th August and the Cannonbawz Run Launch on the 24th August.

Classic Car Show

Get into gear, as we bring you our first ever classic car show! The event takes place on Saturday 3rd August 2019 and you can find the vintage vehicles on Commerce Street, South Street and the Plainstones between 10am and 3pm.

The classic car show will bring a variety of vehicles, including vintage cars and fire engines, making it a perfect event in any automobile enthusiasts’ calendar.

Food & Drink Festival

Tummies get ready to rumble!! Join us for the 9th Annual Food & Drink Festival on the 10th August from 10am-5pm.

The festival is going to be “bigger and better” than before, and this year in a change to previous years we are running it as a dual  centre attraction! Stalls will be spread between Elgin Town Hall and St. Giles Church, only few minutes’ walk from each other, making it the ideal way to work off all those free samples between locations.

As well as all the stalls, we have lots more to keep the whole family entertained, including Hopscotch Magic who are back after they went down a storm during the Scottish Theme Day, and Mrs Bubbles (the Clown) will be making her debut modelling balloons to keep the kids happy! Plus we are delighted that the ever popular Scottish Agricultural College will be back with their tractor and milking cow! The Emergency Services will also be attending on the day so you can have a chat and a look around their vehicles! 

Always a firm favourite– the Tasty Tipple area is returning and can be found on the Stage at the Town hall. There will be an amazing selection of hand crafted locally made alcoholic drinks ranging from Whisky’s to Gins.

There will also be demonstrations throughout the day in both the Town Hall and St Giles Church! In the Town Hall we will also be joined by Our House of Spice who will be making a Pheasant Curry with their homemade spice blends- they are also an exhibitor so if their curry tickles your taste buds you can buy their spice blends to take home! Over in the Tasty Tipple we will have The Spirit Embassy and Gordon & MacPhail doing some demos and tastings. And as everyone loves something sweet we have Karen from Karen’s Cakes doing some cake decorating demos over in the St Giles Church and Slimming World will be showing us how to make Slimming World Banoffee Pie- delicious and good for you?! I’ll take seconds please!

If an abundance of stalls covering all things food and beverage wasn’t enough – there will be artists and crafters showcasing their wares on the day! As always, there really is something for everyone, and their taste buds, at this event! What’s more – it’s completely FREE (yes free!) to come along, as if you needed any more reason to attend!

Cannonbawz Run Launch

On the 24th August, The Cannonbawz Run is starting off on the Plainstones! There will be music and entertainment from 9am and stay until 11am to cheer on the drivers as they set off on their fundraising journey!

For more details on all our events check out our Facebook Page!

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Happy 1st Birthday Elgin Gift Card!

The Elgin Gift Card turns 1 today!!

The Elgin Gift Card turns one today and it has truly been the Gift of Choice!

Looking back over the year, Christmas was the most popular time for the Elgin Gift Card with over £7,000 of gift cards were bought over the festive period! But it’s not just for Christmas that the gift card has been bought- Mother’s and Father’s day, birthdays, Teacher presents, and wedding presents are among the many occasions people have bought the Elgin Gift Card.

By giving the Elgin Gift Card you are not only showing someone how much you care but you are also supporting the amazing local businesses we have in Elgin City Centre as the money is kept within the  local economy! Over £12,000 (!) worth of gift cards have been bought since the launch a year ago today.

The Elgin Gift Card is now accepted in over 80 different businesses. There is such a great variety of amazing local businesses accepting the gift card. You can choose from a meal out, coffee and cake, a beauty treatment, shoes, a holiday, children’s clothes, a new outfit, or you can even get a steak from the butchers – the choice is truly yours!

Not only is the Elgin Gift Card a wonderful gift for loved ones it is also the perfect staff present or customer reward. If your business would like to know more about buying Elgin Gift Cards for your business contact the Elgin BID Office.

Other great ideas for the Elgin Gift Card are; Secret Santa presents, new neighbour presents or as a raffle or competition prize (FYI look out for our own competition celebrating the 500th gift card being bought!).

Buying the Elgin Gift Card couldn’t be simpler! To buy your Gift Card you can pop into Sugar Plum on Batchen street and Gordon & MacPhail on South street.

You can also buy them online at If you buy them online, you have the option to have them delivered to your house or delivered to the recipient’s house. You can alsol leave a special message to be written in the gift card holder! Wouldn’t that be a lovely gift to receive in the mail?

We hope that you have enjoyed the Elgin Gift Card so far and it’s many gift giving possibilities- here’s to many more years!

Happy Birthday Elgin Gift Card!!Thanks for reading!



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Dog Friendly Elgin!

Dog Friendly Elgin!

Calling all dog lovers!! We have always had lots of dog friendly businesses in the City, but now we want to make it official.

From retail to bars many of the Elgin City Centre businesses want to welcome your dog and you can come along too! They might put a bowl of fresh water out for your dog while you take a look inside, or they may welcome the company of your four legged friend inside!

It couldn’t be easier to find out which businesses are dog friendly, just look out for the blue paw print sticker when you are out and about! You can also see the list on the Dog Friendly Elgin Facebook Page and our website (coming soon!!).

Follow the Dog Friendly Elgin Facebook Page for updates from all our dog friendly businesses with their waggy tailed visitors or their own office dogs. We’d love to see your dog’s enjoying the City Centre as well, so please send us pictures of your dogs in the city and we will pop them on our page.

We will keep you updated with new dog friendly businesses as they come on our Facebook Page and website (coming soon)!

Who doesn’t love spending time with their dog? With so many dog friendly businesses in Elgin you can now spend even more time together! #DoggyElgin

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Spring Events 2019

Spring Events 2019

Spring is here and we’ve got some great events lined up!

Easter Family Fun Day

Our Easter Family Fun Day is on Saturday 20th April 10.30am-3.30pm. Join us for a day filled with Easter Fun for all the family!

Do you like chocolate? Do you like magic? Then you will love the chocolate themed magician! Head to the tent at the front of St Giles Church to be in awe of the chocolate magic! 

If your children love a good boogie, then our Silent Disco is a must!! The Silent Disco will be held in the St Giles Shopping Centre and each session will last 15 minutes. What’s a Silent Disco I hear you ask? At a Silent Disco you are given a set of headphones and a choice of different songs- your children can jam out to their own personal party!

At the back of the St Giles Church there will be the Easter Craft Tent! Bring your little ones over and they can craft away to their hearts content! They can choose from decorating some bunny ears, making an Easter Card or do some Easter colouring or all three if they are in a super crafty mood!

Moray College will be joining us on the day as well! At the front of St Giles Church, they will be making some chocolate Easter Eggs from scratch- YUM!!

While you are enjoying all this Easter fun be sure to take part in the Great Elgin Easter Egg Hunt!! Head to the Craft Tent to collect your hunt sheet. Children will follow the directions on the sheet to find the businesses holding the clues. Once they have found all of the clues, head back to the Craft Tent and we will let you know where the Easter Bunny has dropped off your Easter Egg!

And of course, in the middle of all this fun, there will be a market and Elgin’s firm fan favourite Bubbles the Clown will be there to entertain the crowds!

Scottish Theme Day

On Saturday 4th May as part of the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is our Scottish Theme Day! Starting at 10am we have a day filled with all things Scottish!

There will be Tartan Stilt Walkers (here’s hoping they have something underneath those kilts!!) all day, from 1pm-2pm we will have Scottish Dancers and a meet and greet with a Scottish Princess! 

What’s more Scottish than Haggis?! If you are a massive fan of the elusive three legged beast and enjoy a bit of friendly competition, why not enter our Haggis Eating Competition? The rules are simple- with only your face you have to eat all the Haggis on your plate as quickly as you can and who ever clears their plate first wins- simple! The competition is open to all Haggis lovers, keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the details on how to enter!

Lovers of the bag pipes can rejoice as we haven’t forgotten about you! Elgin & District Pipe Band, RAF Lossiemouth Pipe Band and Strathisla Pipe Band will all be playing throughout the day across the City Centre. The timetable will be posted soon! The day will be rounded off at 4pm with all three Pipe Bands coming together to play a mass band performance!!

More details for Scottish Theme Day will be posted soon!

Be sure to keep an eye on our website and Facebook Page for updates on all our events and other events going on in the City Centre!!

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Prosecco & Pamper Charity Night

Prosecco & Pamper Charity Night!

Every year we hold a Charity Fundraiser to raise money for charities that do work on the ground for the people living in Elgin and Moray. The Charities we raise funds for are: Moray Foodbank, CLAN Cancer Support, Samaritans, SACRO, Elgin Youth Cafe, Citizens Advice Scotland, INSPIRE, Quarriers, Arrows, Earthtime, Shopmobility Moray, Cornerstone and Penumbra.

This year we are holding a Prosecco & Pamper Charity Night on the 1st March at Elgin Town Hall from 7.30pm-10pm.

The event is being organised by Haley Kirby, an events student from Moray College.

On arrival guests will receive a complimentary glass of prosecco or mocktail. During the evening there will be delicious canapes (GF, Vegan & Vegetarian options will be available- sneak peek below!) made by the Inkwell Community Kitchen.  We also have a ‘Pimp your Prosecco Bar’ with fruity cordials and fresh fruit, and the perfect accompaniment for it – a candy cart, could life get any better?!

The pampering on the night will be provided by the Complementary Therapy students from Moray College. Treatments that will be available are, reflexology, hand and feet massages and clothes massages. Guests will be able to book their treatments before the event by calling 07895 503902 between 9am and 7pm. Guests can also book when they arrive at the event.

Making the evening even better we are Swish! Swish! Swishing!


Earthtime’s Up Project will be joining us on the night for a clothes swish! If you haven’t come across a clothes swish before, let me tell you all about it! A swish is a great way to recycle your unloved clothes AND get something new to you! All you have to do is bring along a piece of unloved clothing (that edgy blouse you bought umpteen years ago that has been residing in the back of your closet with all the labels still on would be a good example of what to bring along!) and you pop it on the rail and then you take something home that someone else has brought in. Saving the planet and getting new clothes all at once- YAY!

Another great part of the swish is when you get home and your S.O. asks if that is ANOTHER new piece of clothing you can smugly tell them that you got it at a clothes swish so I’m saving the planet! And then you flounce away with your amazing new dress!

The Up project will also be putting on an upcycled fashion show!!

Vallen Fitness Studio will be joining us on the evening with their pole and aerial hoop to give you a taste of pole fitness! For safety reasons please take part before numerous glasses of prosecco have been consumed.

Throughout the evening we will be running a raffle to help raise more funds for the charities. The star prize is a Fuji Film Instax instant camera! Some of the other amazing prizes to be won are: box with two bottles of wine, bottle of Red Door Gin, Harris Tweed Handbag, Bluetooth Sensory diffuser and more! Raffle tickets will be able to be bought from the raffle table and the winners will be announced before and after the Bingo! (Here’s a sneak peek of some of the prizes!!)

The night will be rounded off with Bingo-  who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo?! The top prize will be an Amazon Fire Tablet! There will also be other great prizes to be won!

Tickets are only £15 for all of this and can be bought from Shoe Zone, Beaver Travel and the Elgin BID Office. If you wish to pay for your tickets online via BACS and collect your tickets on the night please email [email protected] . Be sure to buy your tickets quickly so you don’t miss out!

The evening is set to be filled with bubbles, pampering and laughter so grab your friends and come for a great night out to help raise money for some amazing local charities!

Thanks for reading!



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