Elgin Business Awards Night

On Friday 15th October we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Annual Business Awards Ceremony.  The Business Awards are all about celebrating the local businesses and their staff who provide great service. It really means a lot to the businesses to receive nominations in the awards as it shows them how much their customers appreciate the work they do.

The Business Awards were launched on the 13th August in partnership with the Northern Scot. By the time the voting closed on the 10th  September there had been hundreds of votes cast for 171 businesses and individuals. We have to count each and every vote in all categories, which takes a while, but it’s heart-warming to see the volume of  support for the local businesses.

Our Awards are a little different from many other business awards as it is the public who nominate and vote for the businesses.

 There were 10 categories in the awards:

  • Retail
  • Finance, Printing, Professional and Service Sectors (Local Businesses)
  • Finance, Banking (National Chains)
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hair, Beauty, Fitness, Dental & Health Care
  • Charity, Community, Church Groups, Education, Support Groups and Clubs
  • David Urquhart New Business Award
  • Long Established Business Award
  • Ian Widdowson Individual Customer Service Award
  • Elgin Community Champion

On the night, over 60 people attended the AGM and Awards Ceremony to hear about the work BID has been doing and our plans for 2022 in the AGM and of course to join in the celebrations for the Awards. Between the AGM and Awards Ceremony, we had a networking session where the businesses had a chance to have a chat with their business neighbours. Everyone also enjoyed a  glass of wine (or two!) and delicious canapes that were prepared by the Inkwell- the chicken & waffles canape was a firm favourite!

The winners and finalists for the awards were:

The Business Awards are one of our favourite times of the year because it is truly wonderful to see that people still want to say thanks to the great businesses and their staff that Elgin has. With over 16,000 votes since the start of the awards it shows how much local people really care about the local businesses.


13 Harrow Inn Close, Elgin IV30 1BP

Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out?

We did, it was us, at our first International Dog Day Parade and Dog Show!

Nearly 50 dogs and their owners joined us for a paw-some afternoon.

Led by Chase and to the beat of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’, the parade went around St Giles Church and all dogs (and humans) were very well behaved and walked so well!

Following the parade we led straight in to the Dog Show.

There were 10 categories

🐾 Best Behaved
🐾 Best Dressed
🐾 Biggest
🐾 Smallest
🐾 Best Hair Do
🐾 Best Paw Shaker
🐾 Grumpiest
🐾 Happiest
🐾  Golden Oldie
🐾  Noisiest

Here are our winners!

All winners received a goody bag from Birnie’s Pet Shop that was JAM PACKED with doggy goodies! Dana the winner of Best Behaved couldn’t wait to get in to hers!  

The Best Paw Shaker category had the most entries with more than half sitting nicely and giving their paw to show they were the best! Ultimately the prize went to Mystique- she had all the paw skills!

After the making the call for any grumpy dogs to come forward for Grumpiest Dog, two owners stepped forward with grumpy looking dogs (but were very happy on the inside) but then we looked over to the steps and saw Frankie and you can easily see why he was the winner.

The winner of biggest dog went to Wendy the Irish Wolfhound, she towered over the competition!

And from biggest dog we went to smallest dog and the winner was Gizmo, the super teeny tiny Chihuahua. Everyone was absolutely buzzing about his adorable bee outfit.

Golden Oldie award went to the superbly groomed Toto who is 11 years young!

The happiest dog was Angus was a very cheerful golden spaniel who was wanting to talk to everyone and wouldn’t stay still for his photo- such a happy boy!

The ever so glamorous Maggie won Best Dressed, the judges loved her outfit and her very stylish collar stood out to really complete the ensemble.

Best Hair Do went to Riley as the judges loved his “I woke up like this” hair.

And last but no means least we had noisiest dog and there was no need for the judges to judge anyone other than Archie as he barked the whole way through the show!!

We hope everyone that attended the event had a great time, we certainly enjoyed ourselves and it was a real treat to get to pet so many dogs!

We’d like to bring the event back in 2022 and are open to improvements!

If you took part in the event or just came along to watch, we’d like to hear your feedback. Please complete this very short survey to submit your feedback.


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Sit Yersel Doon

Grab a tasty treat from one of our delicious businesses and enjoy it at one of our new brightly coloured benches!

Funded by Elgin BID and the Scotland Loves Local Funding, we created and put in place 5 picnic benches in July. The benches were not only to create more seating in the City Centre but to also help hospitality businesses when they were operating at reduced capacity.

The benches were expertly crafted by Willie Duncan our Street Ambassador who (very conveniently) is a joiner to trade. They only took a few days to paint and build- very speedy indeed!

The three pink benches are all inclusive benches so wheelchair users and prams and sit at the bench with no pesky table legs getting in the way. You will find these benches at the grassy area at Café Kombucha and on the Plainstones at the back of St Giles Church.

Since being installed the benches have been well used!

Come the Winter the benches will be put in storage to keep them protected from the Winter weather (wouldn’t it be great to hide from the winter weather, hibernation anyone?). In Spring they will get a wee touch up with paint if needed and be back out ready for the better weather.


13 Harrow Inn Close, Elgin IV30 1BP

Elgin Business Awards 2021- Voting is open!

The Annual Elgin BID Business Awards launch today in partnership with the Northern Scot!

Every year the public vote in their thousands for their favourite Elgin City Centre businesses.

This year we have 10 Award Categories:

  • Retail
  • Finance, Printing, Professional and Service Sectors (Local Businesses)
  • Finance, Banking (National Chains)
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hair, Beauty, Fitness, Dental & Health Care
  • Charity, Community, Church Groups, Education, Support Groups and Clubs
  • David Urquhart New Business Award
  • Long Established Business Award
  • Ian Widdowson Individual Customer Service Award
  • Elgin Community Champion

You can vote online here!

Voting is open until 3pm on Friday 10th September and the winners will be announced at our AGM & Awards Night on Friday 15th October.

So be sure to show support for your favourite businesses and give them a vote!


13 Harrow Inn Close, Elgin IV30 1BP

Elgin Sector Weeks

Join us for a month of celebrating our amazing Elgin City Centre businesses!

Running for the month of August is our Sector Weeks.

Health & Beauty Week: 2nd August to 8th August

Hospitality Week: 9th – 15th August

Services Week: 16th – 22nd August

Retail Week: 23rd – 29th August

Our dedicated webpage lists all the businesses getting involved and offers they are running.

So be sure to take advantage of any special offers, try somewhere new and you never know you can get a new favourite place!


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Elgin Christmas Hampers

Warning we are about to say….. 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝘾 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙

It’s only 6 months to Christmas!!

Whether you are a gift giving master or struggle to find gifts (we’re looking at you family member that says they don’t mind what they get), would themed hampers from our businesses solve your problems?

Let us know in this survey!

The themes we are planning are below,

– Loons

– Quines

– Food & Drink

– Pamper Hamper

– Elgin Theme

– Furry Friends (cats/dogs)

Pre-orders for hampers will open on the 25th September and close on 19th November.

Hampers will then be available to collect from the Elgin BID Office form 8th-20th December.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information!


13 Harrow Inn Close, Elgin IV30 1BP

Happy Birthday Elgin Gift Card

The Elgin Gift Card turns three today and it has truly been the Gift of Choice!

Looking back over the years, Christmas continues to be the most popular time for the Elgin Gift Card with over £34,000 of gift cards being bought over the festive period in 2018, 2019 & 2020! But it’s not just for Christmas that the gift card has been bought- Mother’s and Father’s day, birthdays, Teacher presents, anniversaries and wedding presents are among the occasions people have bought the Elgin Gift Card.

By giving the Elgin Gift Card you are not only showing someone how much you care but you are also supporting the amazing local businesses we have in Elgin City Centre as the money is kept within the  local economy! Over £48,000 (!) worth of gift cards have been bought since the launch in 2018.

The Elgin Gift Card is accepted in over 80 different businesses. There is such a great variety of amazing local businesses accepting the gift card. You can choose from a meal out, coffee and cake, a beauty treatment, shoes, cocktails, a new outfit, or you can even get a steak from the butchers – the choice is truly yours!

Not only is the Elgin Gift Card a wonderful gift for loved ones it is also the perfect staff present or customer reward. If your business would like to know more about buying Elgin Gift Cards for your business contact the Elgin BID Office.

Other great ideas for the Elgin Gift Card are Secret Santa presents, new neighbour presents or as a raffle or competition prize.

Buying the Elgin Gift Card couldn’t be simpler! To buy your Gift Card you can pop into Gordon & MacPhail on South Street or Tech Cave Electronics on Batchen Street.   

You can also buy them online at www.elgingiftcard.co.uk. If you buy them online, you have the option to have them delivered to your house or delivered to the recipient’s house. You can also leave a special message to be written in the gift card holder in the ‘Order Notes’ section at the online  checkout. Wouldn’t that be a lovely gift to receive in the mail?

We hope that you have enjoyed the Elgin Gift Card so far and its many gift giving possibilities- here’s to many more years!

Happy Birthday Elgin Gift Card!!


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Shop Safe, Shop Elgin

The Shop Safe, Shop Elgin campaign is designed to help returning employees, shoppers and visitors feel safe. The campaign highlights the practical measures that have been put in place across all businesses in Elgin City Centre and to communicate that Elgin is prepared and safe to welcome everyone back. 

Prior to your visit check out how our city centre businesses are making you feel safe and the measures they have put in place through our online videos and posts which will be available on our Facebook Page.

We know that cases are higher than previously recorded, but we want to assure you that our businesses are going above and beyond to make sure your visit is safe and enjoyable, again you can view the measures put in place on our Facebook page.

We understand that you may not feel ready to go out and about but you can still support local by shopping online or ordering gift vouchers to use at a later date. Visit our webpage to find the business you are looking for and if they offer online orders https://www.embraceelgin.co.uk/our-businesses/

Other ways you can support local businesses is by:

  • Liking and sharing their social media posts
  • Leaving reviews to encourage others to visit
  • Inviting your friends to like their social media profiles

Whilst supporting local why not get rewarded by picking up one of our Embrace Elgin Loyalty Rewards Card, you can find out more details here.

Right now local businesses need your continued support now more than ever as they work their way through very difficult times.

By supporting local now and forever YOU are:

  • Helping to keep local people employed
  • Boosting your local community and economy
  • Celebrating your town centre
  • Supporting someone’s dream

If you are out and about why not let us know where you are visiting by using #shopsafeshopelgin


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We asked, you answered!

In April we asked the public what new businesses they would like to see in Elgin City Centre. We had 85 responses in total and the results can be seen below.

We hope that the findings of this survey will inspire new businesses who are wishing to come to Elgin City Centre.

If you are wanting to start up a business in Elgin City Centre get in touch with us and Business Gateway.

Or if you are looking to move in to Elgin City Centre have a look at available properties on our website.


13 Harrow Inn Close, Elgin IV30 1BP

What would you like to see?

There is great opportunity for new businesses to come to Elgin and we want to know what you would like to see!

We have created a survey that will allow the public to let us know what new businesses they would like to see in Elgin.

Complete the survey here

The information gathered will be compiled and made available for those wishing to start a new business but not sure what to open.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Elgin continues to thrive and is in a better place than other High Streets across the country. In November 2015, the Elgin city centre vacant property rate was 17.15% and in November 2020 it was 9.2% compared to the national average of 12.4% in the second quarter of 2020.

Looking to open up a business in Elgin City Centre? Head over to our Vacant Property page which lists the current available properties.

If you would like a copy of the complied results or are interested in opening up a business in Elgin City Centre please email [email protected].


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