The Perfect Christmas Present- The Elgin Gift Card!

Have you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gift that would be perfect for everyone?” Well here it is- The Elgin Gift Card!! No more having to wonder what to get your cousin’s husband for Christmas, no more stressing over for what you can get your new work colleague for Secret Santa and it’s the perfect gift for those who say they want nothing for Christmas!

Unlike conventional Gift Cards that are used in one location, the Elgin Town Centre Gift Card can be used in any one of our 86 registered businesses, with the number rising steadily.  With such a number of businesses accepting the Gift Card the choice is endless, from:

  • Sausages to shoes
  • Clothes to cocktails
  • Make up to massage

The choice is huge!

One of the many great things about the Elgin Gift Card is that the recipient doesn’t have to spend it all at once in one place. They can spend money on a new outfit and then a couple of weeks later use the same card to buy a coffee.

The value on an Elgin Gift Card can be from £5 right up to £200! The Elgin Gift Card is also the perfect gift for employees and customer rewards, if you would be interested in buying in bulk for your business head to  

Elgin Gift Cards can be bought instore from:

  • Gordon & MacPhail (South Street)
  • Tech Cave Electronics (Batchen Street)

You can also buy Elgin Gift Cards online at When buying online you can either have your order delivered to you or to who you are gifting the gift card to.

The Elgin Gift Card is not only the perfect Christmas Present, but it also makes a wonderful gift for birthdays, leaving presents, wedding or anniversary presents and just to say, “Thank You”.

The Elgin Gift Card is a wonderful gift to give because not only are you giving them a great way to treat themselves, but you are also supporting the local businesses in your area. By giving an Elgin Gift Card you are keeping money in the local businesses boosting the local economy- isn’t that a great feeling to have?


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