Who let the dogs out?

We did, it was us, at our first International Dog Day Parade and Dog Show!

Nearly 50 dogs and their owners joined us for a paw-some afternoon.

Led by Chase and to the beat of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’, the parade went around St Giles Church and all dogs (and humans) were very well behaved and walked so well!

Following the parade we led straight in to the Dog Show.

There were 10 categories

🐾 Best Behaved
🐾 Best Dressed
🐾 Biggest
🐾 Smallest
🐾 Best Hair Do
🐾 Best Paw Shaker
🐾 Grumpiest
🐾 Happiest
🐾  Golden Oldie
🐾  Noisiest

Here are our winners!

All winners received a goody bag from Birnie’s Pet Shop that was JAM PACKED with doggy goodies! Dana the winner of Best Behaved couldn’t wait to get in to hers!  

The Best Paw Shaker category had the most entries with more than half sitting nicely and giving their paw to show they were the best! Ultimately the prize went to Mystique- she had all the paw skills!

After the making the call for any grumpy dogs to come forward for Grumpiest Dog, two owners stepped forward with grumpy looking dogs (but were very happy on the inside) but then we looked over to the steps and saw Frankie and you can easily see why he was the winner.

The winner of biggest dog went to Wendy the Irish Wolfhound, she towered over the competition!

And from biggest dog we went to smallest dog and the winner was Gizmo, the super teeny tiny Chihuahua. Everyone was absolutely buzzing about his adorable bee outfit.

Golden Oldie award went to the superbly groomed Toto who is 11 years young!

The happiest dog was Angus was a very cheerful golden spaniel who was wanting to talk to everyone and wouldn’t stay still for his photo- such a happy boy!

The ever so glamorous Maggie won Best Dressed, the judges loved her outfit and her very stylish collar stood out to really complete the ensemble.

Best Hair Do went to Riley as the judges loved his “I woke up like this” hair.

And last but no means least we had noisiest dog and there was no need for the judges to judge anyone other than Archie as he barked the whole way through the show!!

We hope everyone that attended the event had a great time, we certainly enjoyed ourselves and it was a real treat to get to pet so many dogs!

We’d like to bring the event back in 2022 and are open to improvements!

If you took part in the event or just came along to watch, we’d like to hear your feedback. Please complete this very short survey to submit your feedback.


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