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Now more than ever local businesses need your support.

We have all gone through extremely challenging times which we never in a million years expected. Local businesses have been hit particularly hard with having to close for months or work on reduced hours. Now as more businesses start to open back up, they really need your continued support.

Businesses have been working hard to be able to open safely for you and their staff, please help them to find their feet in the ‘new normal’ by being kind and patient with these new changes, they are there for your, your families, your friends and the staff members protection.

By shopping local now and forever YOU are:

  • Helping to keep local people employed
  • Boosting your local community and economy
  • Celebrating your town centre
  • Supporting someone’s dream

By supporting local businesses now, you are helping to secure your town centre for future generations. With each generation the town centre changes and evolves with the times, but amazing local businesses will always be at the heart.


13 Harrow Inn Close, Elgin IV30 1BP

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