Elgin BID Business Awards 2019

On Wednesday 2nd October we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Annual Business Awards Ceremony.  The Business Awards are all about celebrating the local businesses and their staff who provide great service. It really means a lot to the businesses to receive nominations in the awards as it shows them how much their customers appreciate the work they do.

The Business Awards were launched on the 9th August in partnership with the Northern Scot. In the first five days we had

 over 1000 votes! By the time the voting closed on the 9th  September there had been thousands of votes cast for 231 businesses and individuals. We have to count each and every vote in all categories, which takes a while, but it’s heart-warming to see the volume of  support for the local businesses. This year we had more votes than ever before with over  3500 votes being cast.

Our Awards are a little different from many other business awards as it is the public who nominate and vote for the businesses.

There were 10 categories in the awards

    • Retail
    • Finance, Printing, Professional and Service Sectors (Local Businesses)
    • Finance, Banking (National Chains)
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Hair, Beauty, Fitness, Dental & Health Care
    • Charity, Community, Church Groups, Education, Support Groups and Clubs
    • David Urquhart New Business Award
    • Long Established Business Award
    • Ian Widdowson Individual Customer Service Award
    • Elgin Community Champion (new for 2019)

Over 90 people attended the AGM and Awards Ceremony to hear about the work BID has been doing and our plans for the next five years should we be successful in our upcoming renewal ballot. Between the AGM and Awards Ceremony, we had a networking session where the businesses had a chance to have a chat with the Board of Directors and their business neighbours. Many enjoyed a glass of wine kindly donated by Gordon & MacPhail and delicious canapes that were prepared by the Moray College Catering students-  the macarons were back and again were definitely the favourite of the night!

The winners and finalists for the awards were:


BID Awards results

One of the best part of the awards is reading a selection of the wonderful nominations for the Individual customer service award. An independent panel of judges shortlist the top three nominations and its then up to the public to make the final decision.

This year’s winner was Gordon Cruickshank from Hair & Body Mechanics. Gordon’s hard working customer service really shined through for the judges with this nomination.

“I have Parkinson’s Disease and have very bad mobility problems. Gordon has gone over and above the maxim for good customer service. He has ordered wheelchair ramps to accommodate my visits and on occasion has actually wheeled me to the top of the lane to wait for my taxi and has even waited with me he’s kind helpful and doesn’t make  me feel as if I’m any different from his other customers. Nothing is too much trouble for Gordon, and he seems to be one step ahead  of any customers needs and immediately responds to their needs in a positive and helpful way. His knowledge of products and styles and especially colouring technique is excellent and very impressive. He always has a cheerful smile and makes sure  his team are fully aware of customer’s needs. His saloon has a very welcoming and positive ambience when you enter you are always immediately acknowledge And made to feel welcome He always cheers me up and I choose him as my candidate for this award as his customer awareness and service is par excellent.”

Congratulations Gordon you deserve it!

Kathleen Shanks from the Little Lunchbox and Brandon Grant from IT Central were this year’s runners up.

Kathleen Shanks- “Kathleen provided free sandwiches to the men doing the charity challenge Ben Rinnes Twenty 19, She sat around for about an hour waiting for them to descend so she could personally hand over the food.  She also frequently provides sandwiches and cakes for celebrations at Elgin parkrun for no charge. She is always so happy and willing to help, and she helps out with so many charity events, going over and above what many do by providing extra food and also attending the events themselves.”

Brandon Grant “I had asked if they had a specific component I stock, they didn’t, and I needed it urgently to edit some video for my son’s school. They let me borrow their very high end expensive PC for a night to let me do it, I was blown away!”

It’s great to see people taking time out of their day to nominate someone that really made a difference and made them feel special. We received over 120 nominations this year, here are some of the comments.

Anne McLeod, Beaver Travel–  “Anne cares about her customers and will do her utmost to help whoever she can. She welcomes all ages and will go out of her way accommodate large/small groups. Allergies/intolerances and even out with cafe opening hours if she can.”

Calum Sinclair, St Giles Shopping Centre- “Calum is always happy to help people and has a good general knowledge of Elgin to get you where you want to go, always recommends local independent shops and food places. Will take time out of his day to make sure your enjoying yours!!!”

Kerrie Wright, Highland Baked Potato- “This individual goes above and beyond with aspects of customers service and management. She’s extremely thoughtful, mindful and always ensure our customers whether face to face over the phone or email are spoken to in a kind, meaningful manner. She has established a fond and kind customer base within the shop and known as the “tattie lady”. Her manner is always welcoming.  She really has exceptional customer services.”

Claire Petrie, Sugar Plum- “Claire has created a fabulous changing and feeding room within her shop to help new mums shop in the town, she has opened this to all that need it – not just her customers!  She always has a smile and friendly chat whenever I go in and is open to ideas for stock items parents need.”

The Elgin Community Champion Award was a new category for 2019. It celebrates those that go above and beyond to help out in the community and for their town centre. We had over 50 nominations for people that are at the heart of the community.

This year’s winner was Euna Russel who has been volunteering for Barnardo’s for over 30 years!

“Over 30 years of volunteering for Barnardo’s, 5 days a week come wind, rain or shine. She supports the whole team from manager through to youngest volunteer. She is an inspiration to everyone, a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of strength and a source of information and advice. I can’t stress just how much she has done through her volunteering and to commit to 5 days a week, every single week is just outstanding.”

Lindsay Welsh from Moray Food Plus and Steve Christie from Elgin Community Council and SPICE Group were this year’s runners up.

Lindsay Welsh- “Lindsay has been instrumental in ensuring those in need are provided with basic food items, toiletries and sanitary products with as much dignity and respect as possible. There are food larders in a large number of services where individuals and families can access the items in a way that reduces any embarrassment that may be felt. Through her work at Food Plus, and frequently within her own time,  Lindsay and others have rolled out cooking programmes, allotments and social activities that are accessible to all. I find this very heart-warming and a shining example of communities coming together to help others”.

Steve Christie- “He devotes his time to tackle Elgin’s litter problem.” “He keeps Elgin beautiful by arranging litter picks, giving up his own time. Steve is an amazing guy, he is always on hand when help is needed – the saying when you need something done ask a busy person describes Steve to a key.  He is a wonderful kind person always on hand to help out”

The Business Awards are one of our favourite times of the year because it is truly wonderful to see that people still want to say thanks to the great businesses and their staff that Elgin has. With over 14,000 votes since the start of the awards it shows how much local people really care about the local businesses.

BID Winners picture

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