We all know that with the rise of online shopping our town centres are bearing the brunt. What can we all do bring around change and really enjoy what Elgin has to offer? We challenge you…..to Shop Elgin This Christmas by purchasing at least 5 presents from within Elgin Town Centre!

Can you do it?? Here’s a little bit of incentive….

When you shop local a huge percentage of the money you spend stays in our local economy.

  • It creates jobs,
  • helps the environment,
  • promotes the growth of local suppliers
  • and keeps your local community alive.

We have lots of lovely little independent shops right here, where you can pick up unusual, quirky gifts, many produced locally. Local book shops stock titles by local authors. Local shops support local artists, food producers and items unique to our area.

A bustling town centre brings our community together. The hubbub of busy festive shoppers conjures up that warm, cosy, “Christmas is coming” feeling. Add in a trip to a local eatery for a hot chocolate or piping hot bowl of soup to dust off the winter chill whilst browsing through all your newly-bought purchases and you’ll enter into pre-Christmas heaven!

When you shop locally you have the expertise and assistance of friendly, local staff to lend you a hand…the personal touch you just can’t get online.

There’re no postage costs….or worrying about being home to receive a parcel….nor the hassle of having to go and pick-up said parcel if you do miss the delivery man – always a plus in the time-strapped world we live in!

So please consider taking up our challenge. Share your experiences with us on our social media platforms. #ShopElginChristmas16. Celebrate and support your local businesses. It’s true, town centres have changed and it’s easy to criticise but if you don’t use them you’ll lose them. Shop Elgin This Christmas